The Benefits of Adding Light Dimming Options

Dimmer switches are a popular option to add to any home. Simple, knob operated wall dimmers are the traditional dimming option. More functional dimmers, known as scene dimmers, have many advantages over manual dimmers such as improved convenience, increased design flexibility and improved energy savings.

There are many reasons to begin implementing dimmers into your home, including:

  • Security: Proper lighting in your home can be a successful deterrent to intruders. Low lighting can be programmed for different areas of your home during night hours, whether you are home or not, deterring those who might try to come into your home uninvited.
  • Savings: Dimmers can be utilized to reduce your home’s monthly energy consumption. With traditional lighting fixtures, there is either on or off. Dimmers give you the ability to reduce lighting when needed, reducing the amount that you spend on monthly energy bills.
  • Convenience: Scene dimmers allow you to automate dimming within your home for a number of different settings, such as time of day. Automating this within your home based on room or sets of rooms allows you the ability to reduce unnecessary energy expenditure.

If you would like to learn more about how you can utilize dimmers within your home, please contact us today!