It’s Not Too Late to Winterize Your Home

It is a new year and with that comes the coldest months of the winter. While we haven’t had the most severe winter this year, there is definitely a lot of cold ahead of us before the weather clears up. Before the snow begins to appear, it is a good idea to do a quick check and ensure that you home is prepared to deal with the looming winter ahead.

Here are some of the things to check for when looking to winterize your home:

  • Check for leaks above or around our service box. When we begin to see increased amounts of precipitation this could lead to disaster in our home if left unattended.
  • Check all outdoor outlets. If they are uncovered and will be affected by leaks or are in an area that will see a significant amount of snow build up you will want to look into getting covers installed.
  • Ensure your electrical system is working properly by having an electrical inspection. This is important as it can prevent serious problems from taking power away from your home, leaving you in the cold.

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