Winter is on the Way!

The weather is getting colder and winter is on the way! Many of us use quite a bit of electricity during the wintertime, and it can get pretty expensive if left unchecked. Here are a few tips to reduce your monthly electric bill as the weather gets colder:

  • Turn down your thermostat during the day – Turning down your thermostat when you are not at home is a great way to reduce electric costs. You can install a thermostat that is programmable so you can set the heat to turn on before you get home, so your home is warm and ready for you when you arrive.
  • Close your blinds at night, and open them during the day – This will allow heat to come in during the day and keep your home warmer at night, helping to keep your home the perfect temperature, and taking some of the workload off of your furnace.
  • Turn off the lights when not in use – During the winter, it can become more of a habit to leave lights on as it is generally darker. Turning lights off when you leave the room will help save quite a bit of energy.

These are just a few ways to reduce energy use during the winter. If you are having electrical troubles in your home, please contact us today!