Business/Building Maintenance

It is very easy to not keep up with regular electrical maintenance in your business. Keeping in regulation with all codes and ensuring all your electrical circuits are in proper working order will save you a lot of headache in the long run. Our team has much experience in ensuring the electrical wiring and outlets in a business are completely up to date and in perfect working order.

We offer a variety of business and general building electrical maintenance services. Our services include:



Retrofits We can retrofit lighting fixtures with newer lighting technology to ensure everything is safe for use and up to code.
Maintenance Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure your electrical system is up to code. We can ensure that your entire electrical system meets all necessary standards.
Parking Parking lighting is a safety feature for your customers. Make sure parking lighting is maintained properly to avoid liability.
Security Security lighting helps protect your business from intruders. Make sure that your security lighting system is ready when you need it. 



Dedicated Circuits Maintain dedicated circuits to ensure everything continues to operate normally.
Isolated Ground Outlets Keep electronics safe from surges so you don’t lose your vital documents and information.
Computer Cubicles Maintain the electrical outlets of your computer cubicles so you can ensure your employees can continue to be productive!
GFCI GFCI outlets protect you from electrical feedback and shock. Make sure all your GFCI outlets are up to date and continue to work as they should.
Exhauts Fans
A/C Units
By maintaining the circuits of your heaters, exhaust fans and A/C Units, you ensure the comfort of your employees and customers. The last thing you want is your heating or A/C to go out when you need it most.
Servers Keep your servers protected so you don’t lose the data you need to run your business.

If you are looking for business and general building electrical maintenance, please contact us today.