Ceiling fans are a great way freshen up any room and keep your home cool. We have experience installing many different types of ceiling fans for a number of different uses. Whether you need to replace a bathroom exhaust fan or are looking to help regulate temperatures within your home by adding an attic fan or gable vent fan, we can help!

Ceiling Fans

We have experience installing a variety of ceiling fans throughout the home. Typically, these installations will utilize preexisting switches within your home to control the newly installed fan. With a few simple changes, we simply remove the light box and replace it with a fan rated box.

Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Bathroom exhaust fan replacement is another one of our specialties. We simply remove the existing fan and then retrofit the new fan utilizing the old venting and electrical. Your current switches can be utilized to control the newly installed fan as well. We will install customer provided fans, however we have many types of fans we can provide as well.

We also can install exhaust fans in bathrooms that do not have fans previously installed. This process is a bit more in depth, as it requires the installation of a new switch to control the fan and venting the bathroom properly, which is completed by an HVAC company.

Attic Fans

Attic fans are a great way to circulate air in your attic and keep the rest of your home cool and fresh. For these installations, we simply cut a hole through the roof and mount the fan. We install a disconnecting switch in the attic near the fan, as well as a switched light which can be turned on near the entrance of the attic, along with a convenience outlet.

Other types of attic fans include gable vent fans. These fans are mounted to the gable vent and pump hot air out of your attic. Similarly to traditional attic fans, we install a disconnecting switch and convenience outlet, with a light switch near the entrance to the attic.

For more information on fan installations and our process, please contact us.